Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

COVID Funding Guide
Confused by so many funding mechanisms, who they are for, criteria to attain, etc.?  Confused by what is a loan versus a grant?  So many are and this workbook lays them all out for you as a reference guide and easily used to evaluate terms for each program and the applicability to your situation.  From here, moving to the Projections Workbook below, you can best assess from a strategic point of view, what financial methods are best.

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COVID Financial Projections Workbook
With just a few essential inputs, this workbook will bring together your key financial terms, various reductions in revenues and expenses and sources of financial aid to produce an incremental net income  and cash flow projection.  This will help anticipate the worse month for you financially, how long the aid will last and what you may be left repaying next year. SHP is working towards inputting the revenue fields from your most recent dataset and will be in touch if more current data is needed.  In regards to the expense fields; you should be able to pull from your February 2020 financial statements; QuickBooks; or other accounting software reports.

Please note that the worksheet has several tabs; including a guide to the inputs; key assumptions that are embedded in the formulas and the projection worksheet itself.  We will be in touch shortly to discuss next steps on this.

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HRSA COVID Uninsured Process
The HHS portal is accessible for providers to begin the registration process for submission of claims requests for the COVID-19 testing and treatment of uninsured patients. The provider registration is a multi-step process that is estimated to take several days.  Again, DHHS has partnered with Optum/UHC for this process and it begins with locating or registering for your Optum ID.  From there, you will Validate TIN; Register for Optum Pay ACH; Upload and Validate your Provider Roster; Submit Patient Data (where you will be issued temporary Patient IDs) and submit claims via a standard EDI 837 transaction.

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Telehealth Guide
The embedded grid on this page provides information as to effective date of expanded telehealth coverage; duration of policy; waiver of cost-shares; billing guidance; any noted exclusions; and codes covered where it is explicitly listed by the plans.

As you’ll see from the grid; the billing guidance is varied without a consistent policy that should be applied. For example, Cigna’s systems do not have the capability to administer telehealth Place of Service or Modifiers without reducing the payment amount; therefore, any Cigna telehealth visits should be billed as regular face-to-face encounters.

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HHS Portal Input
The HHS Round 2 portal requires that you provide loss information in addition to your tax return. Your loss is based on the reduction in services that were provided in March and April 2020 compared to a baseline. While the portal does not specifically define how to calculate March/April losses, we strongly recommend some form of average collections vs. actual volume analysis as opposed to year over year collections for March '19 vs. March '20/April '19 vs. April '20, which may undershoot real losses at this point.

One version of that is the attached workbook, which we have prepared as an easy/minimalist method to assist with that calculation.

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Interactive COVID Forums

SHP Physician & Practice Manager Forum

With a plethora of information coming at us all during this time; it is more important than ever that we share resources and knowledge to help ensure the continued health and viability of our healthcare delivery system. Our next scheduled calls are:

  • Tuesday, September 22nd @ 4:00PM EST

For the best experience, please join our call from your PC or smart device:

If you do not want to join via app, the call-in information, including your unique PIN, will be generated at the above link.

Hospital COVID Forum

Strategic Healthcare Partners in conjunction with Michele Madison at Morris, Manning & Martin present the COVID-19 Hospital Forum. Hear from subject matter experts along with your peers as they share what is happening and how to respond to it. The Forum is interactive and we encourage you to ask questions of our panelists and each other. Our next scheduled calls are:

  • Wednesday, September 23rd @ 12PM EST

Join the forum from your computer, tablet, or smartphone:

If you need a call-in number, it will be available as an option, with your PIN, after you click the link above.

COVID Forum Archives are here.


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Our Pledge to You

SHP will continue to provide timely and necessary updates pertinent to this ever-evolving situation.
Through analysis such as this and webinars and meetings to provide real-time updates from our state
and local government leaders and medical community, SHP will help you connect with the resources you
need throughout this crisis.