Healthcare Organizations Overview

Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

  • $100b for hospitals to fund employees and supplies
  • $11b towards vaccine research
  • 20% increased reimbursement (Part A Medicare) for patients admitted for COVID-19
  • Removal of 2% sequestration until Dec 2020.
  • Hospitals can elect advanced Medicare payments, if they qualify
  • $3.5b to cover childcare costs for healthcare workers
  • Telehealth expansion to cover more specialties and visit types

Community Health Centers

  • $1.3b in funding for community health centers and other programs, which have also been
    extended from May 22 until Nov. 30

Rural Health Care & Rural Health Network Development

  • $79.5m for “rural health care”


  • Practices may quality for relief under the Coronavirus Economic Stabilization Act of 2020 Small
    Business Relief. Refer to the Small Business Overview, below.


    • $19.6b to expand worker pay and improve coverage for veterans.
      • Includes $3.1b to roll-out telemedicine and build up IT infrastructure

COVID-19 Supplies & Miscellaneous

    • $16b to the Strategic National Stockpile to restock reserves of medical supplies
      • This is in addition of $1b already allocated
    • $1.5b for the CDC to buy equipment to help state and local governments fight COVID-19
    • $946m National Institutes of Health for vaccine development
      • On top of $1b in funding already received
    • $1b for Indian Health Service
      • $125m for emergency use
    • $250m for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics

Medicaid Changes

  • Additional funding for states that will be distributed by the state agencies
  • While separate from CARES, it is worth noting that CMS announced they are not moving
    forward with the Medicaid eligibility rule changes that would have removed hundreds of
    thousands from the Medicaid program.

Additional Information About the CARES Act

  • HHS & the National Academies are to conduct a survey and assessment of the supply chain for
    medication and medical supplies to determine what can and should be done to end reliance on
    foreign-made supplies.
  • Authorizes the FDA to speed up approving process for certain drugs related to COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Tests shall be covered by insurance companies, but providers must also publish a cash
    price for the test for the general public on their website.
  • COVID-19 Treatment and “preventative services” shall be covered by insurance (once there is an
    immunization, for example)
  • Liability for volunteers helping with COVID-19 treatment is now limited…meaning, that a
    volunteer physician or nurse who is fast-tracked (because they retired or are out of state) to
    provide services and care will not be able to be used for malpractice unless their actions they
    take are malicious, criminal, or under the influence of drugs.