Show Notes for Beyond the Stethoscope Vital Conversations with SHP Season 02 Episode 01 – Value Based Care Trends, Impact, and Strategies for Providers in the Primary Care Market | With Mike Scribner, John Crew & Kelly Mooney

On today’s episode, join us as we dive into the world of Value Based trends in primary care markets with guests Mike Scribner, John Crew, and Kelly Moony. They share their expertise and discuss how independent PCPs will be impacted by these trends in healthcare. They will highlight both Commercial and Medicare arrangements in the marketplace, how practices are impacted by such, as well as how best to thrive and incorporate into an overall managed care strategy.


Production & Editing: Nyla Wiebe

Show Notes & Transcription: Aaron C Higgins

Social Media Management: Jeremy Miller

Executive Producers: Mike Scribner & John Crew



Transcript coming soon.