Michael Hester, CEO of Stephens County Hospital

“SHP listened to our needs and work side by side with us in developing the right solution for each unique situation. It is refreshing to work with a team of professionals so dedicated to our success. Our success is their success. ”

Sharon Bell, President of Savannah Vascular and Cardiac Institute & President of Merit IPA

“We have been associated with SHP for several years as a direct client as well as member of multiple IPA’s and most recently a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN).  Along with their work product, their honesty and integrity have been of great value to our practice.  Their analytics, enrollment support, strategic advisory and knowledge of the market have been essential to our practice’s success. Our practice operations are simply more efficient because of their support.”

Charles F. Gebhardt, M.D., President of South Georgia Physicians Association, LLC

“South Georgia Physician Association, LLC began as a multi-specialty IPA that represented 100 physicians in one Georgia County. Under Strategic Healthcare Partners, SGPA has seen incredible growth and now represents 400 physicians across 35 counties in South Georgia.”

“SHP’s knowledge and experience of the unique challenges and opportunities of practicing medicine in rural Georgia has ensured the viability of our member practices.”

Phillip Kennedy, M.D., President of Primary Care Association, LLC

“Primary Care Association, LLC is a primary care only Independent Physicians Association representing nearly 100 primary care physicians in the Augusta and Statesboro, Georgia markets.”

“Strategic Healthcare Partners has enabled the founding and growth of Primary Care Association, LLC, an Independent Physicians Association, dedicated to preserving the ongoing viability and autonomy of primary care physicians. As the healthcare market seeks opportunities to work with primary care, SHP has enabled PCA to seize these opportunities and carve a new path towards success. The business of medicine continually threatens to overtake the practice of medicine and Strategic Healthcare Partners has allowed the members of PCA to continue focusing on our patient care.”