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Revenue Cycle Support – Managed Care

Uncertain if your charge structure, collection efforts, and revenue cycle team are optimally performing?

Take your revenue cycle management to a higher level with our Revenue Cycle Support (RCS) Consulting services. SHP can help your hospital or physician practice capture more accurate patient billing data. We will refine eligibility verification and enhance staff knowledge. We will create essential reporting necessary to measure your efforts. Our RCS consultants have significant experience across the spectrum of the revenue cycle process. Therefore they bring in-depth knowledge of compliance issues, information systems, and staffing assessments. Additionally, we can analyze your cash and receivables. To sum up, this will help you identify, prioritize and implement immediate solutions.

We offer a complete operational assessment. In short, this includes charge master review, superbill review, POS collections training, and payer audits.

Physician Financial Services

  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Collectability Analysis
  • Payor Mix Trending
  • Payor Scorecards
  • Chargemaster Development
  • Interim Practice Management
  • Purchasing Program
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Develop Routine Reporting Package

Operational Implementation

  • Business Office Education
  • Revenue Cycle Improvement Team
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Develop Purchasing Programs
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Employee Benefit Plans

Special Projects

  • Customized Reporting
  • Cost Accounting Support
  • ROI Analysis
  • Ancillary Service Evaluation and Expansion
  • Develop Growth Strategy
  • Provider Retreat and Team Building Facilitation

Strategy Development

  • Participation Audit
  • Managed Care Initiatives
  • Contract Game Plan
  • Referral Source Audit
  • Silent PPO Access Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Strategy
  • Hospital Alignment Strategy
  • Marketplace Analyses
  • Monitor Healthcare Trends

Business Operations Support Services

  • Initial Operational Assessment
  • Operational Analysis
  • Payment Verification Support
  • Client Help Desk
  • Customer Service Improvement Programs
  • Compliance Review
  • Networking

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