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Beyond The Stethoscope:
Vital Conversations with SHP

Unwrapping Healthcare Disruption and Christmas Cheer

December 20, 2023

Prepare to voyage Beyond the Stethoscope with us, as we reminisce on season 3’s highlights and look to season 4’s promising future. From inspiring conversations with awe-inspiring guests to heartwarming news stories and thrilling travel plans, our podcast has been a journey worth reliving. Brace yourselves for an exciting ride through the unchartered territories of the future of healthcare, where disruptors are on the rise and AI, virtual care, and M&A activities are all set to change the game.

This episode, we also put a spotlight on Kroger’s successful model of serving healthcare right where the people are.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Christmas, reflect, unwind, and soak in the magic of the season. Remember to stay tuned till the end for a special bonus surprise that we promise, you won’t want to miss!

With Guest: Jason Crosby, VP Network Integration & Strategic Planning, SHP
With Guest: Aaron Higgins, Data Manager & IT Strategist, SHP
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