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Cyber-Security and Other Digital Marketing Threats | Matt Defore & Randal Humphries

April 12, 2023

As our reliance on technology in healthcare grows, so does the threat of cyber criminals. In this podcast Aaron & Jason sit down with cyber-security experts from Seimitsu, a Savannah-based IT solutions company, Matt Defore & Randal Humphries. They discuss some of the biggest digital threats facing healthcare organizations today and what simple steps can be taken to solidify your company’s defenses. Join us for this week’s Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP as we dive into the world of cyber warfare.

Guest: Randal Humphries, CTO, Seimitsu

Randal Humphries is the Director of Operations at Seimitsu. Randal is a Savannah native and has worked in technology since 2002 and spent much of that time in and around healthcare. He has a broad experience including server and network administration, cybersecurity, and software development.

Guest: Matt DeFore, Director of Operations, Seimitsu

Matt DeFore has held several roles since entering the technology field in 1999. He has extensive experience in healthcare and education IT. As Chief Technology Officer, Matt is responsible for designing and delivering many services including Seimitsu’s fiber, voice, and cybersecurity offerings.


Production & Editing: Nyla Wiebe
Show Notes & Transcription: Aaron C Higgins
Social Media Management: Jeremy Miller
Hosts: Jason Crosby & Aaron C Higgins
Executive Producers: Mike Scribner & John Crew

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