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What If Health Care Went BANANAS? (as in The Savannah Bananas)

May 10, 2023

Most in our industry have heard of, or read the book, “What if Disney ran your hospital?”

In this episode, our host Jason Crosby starts a series in the same light as the well followed book, but in comparison to a nation-wide phenom, The Savannah Bananas.

Yep, the baseball team from South Georgia that has figured out how to sustain what they call “Fans First”.

Join Jason as he kicks off the series, “What if your healthcare provider went bananas?” as he highlights how the baseball team captures your attention and how a physician practice may learn something.


Production Assistance & Editing: Nyla Wiebe
Scripting by: Aaron C Higgins
Show Notes: Aaron C Higgins
Social Media Management: Jeremy Miller & Nyla Wiebe
Co-Hosts: Aaron C Higgins & Jason Crosby
Show Producers: Mike Scribner & John Crew
Guest host: Mike Scribner

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