ASC 101: Managed Care Strategy in the Age of the No Surprise Act Webinar

To many, managed care is managed care. But with the leverage and bottom-line impact of an ASC to a physician group or hospital system, planning a specific strategy is essential to account for market forces that have significantly changed the landscape in the last twelve months. We will cover such managed care topics as:

  • How managed care differs for ASC’s to your practice revenue stream.
  • How does the No Surprises Act impact in- vs. out-of-network strategies?
  • Contract strategy and negotiation.
  • How the insurance market has changed; diminishing the big five payers.
  • New ASC reimbursement methodologies hitting the market.

This webinar will be on April 6th from 12:00-100pm. As usual, registration ahead of time is required.  Please do so today!