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Revisit: Provider Enrollment Updates for 2023

September 13, 2023

With the recent CMS updates about provider enrollment, we felt that we needed to bring you some timely information about these changes. We sat down with Raquel Grizzard SHP’s Provider Enrollment expert. She has been working in Provider Enrollment since 2014 and has seen her fair share of changes, but none as dramatic as this all at once.

We discuss DMEPOS, CHOW Filing, changes to the 8550, the new specialists that have been added, and more. Join Raquel Grizzard as she shares her insight and tricks of the trade for all things Provider Enrollment.

Guest: Raquel Grizzard, Enrollment Initiatives Manager, SHP

Raquel Grizzard is the Enrollment Initiatives Manager for SHP, where she has worked with Enrollment and Credentialing services for the last 9 years. During this time, Raquel has led internal education and training initiatives, launched enrollment services, as well as work directly with clients, both provider and facilities, for enrollment needs.


Production & Editing: Nyla Wiebe
Show Notes & Transcription: Aaron C Higgins
Social Media Management: Jeremy Miller
Hosts: Jason Crosby & Aaron C Higgins
Executive Producers: Mike Scribner & John Crew

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