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 ASC 201: Value Based Care Strategy in the ASC Setting
April 28, 2022

Value-Based Care has finally come for the specialists……the first specialist based value models have arrived, primarily addressing bundled payments or site of care redirections. But beyond that, your primary care referral base are taking on more risk in managing the full direction and scope of care.

Their value models have matured and they are accessing data and quality results on your services; including unit reimbursement, cost, volume, case mix scenarios, quality results, and overall margin targets for your payer strategy.

So how do independent specialists and ASCs develop relationships as the preferred downstream provider in a value-based shared savings model?

Join us to learn more about this and how you drive increased volume by becoming the preferred value based partners for your primary care community. As usual, registration ahead of time is required. Please do so today!

 ASC 101: Managed Care Strategy in the Age of the No Surprise Act
April 12, 2022

To many, managed care is managed care. But with the leverage and bottom-line impact of an ASC to a physician group or hospital system, planning a specific strategy is essential to account for market forces that have significantly changed the landscape in the last twelve months. We will cover such managed care topics as:

​How managed care differs for ASC’s to your practice revenue stream.
How does the No Surprises Act impact in- vs. out-of-network strategies?
Contract strategy and negotiation.
How the insurance market has changed; diminishing the big five payers.
New ASC reimbursement methodologies hitting the market

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