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March 27, 2024

Keys to a Successful CIN With Our Own Jason Crosby

To respond to the challenges of health care reform, many health care providers are joining with others to form Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs). Jason will help clear up the vague three letter acronym, CIN. We’ll talk through what a Clinically…

Keys to a Successful CIN | With Jason Crosby
December 21, 2022

Keys to a Successful CIN | With Jason Crosby

In this episode, Jason shares with us the results of a study that shows PCPs may be unfairly punished with poor MIPS scores. Aaron shares a warning about two different crypto viruses targeting healthcare organizations. And we briefly discuss our…

Attracting Patients via Narrow Networks

Narrow networks have surged in attempts for health plans and employers to tame rising healthcare costs. In many ways, patients negatively associate the phrase, “out-of-network” with arbitrary limitations of their choice. Frustrating, we’ve all felt it. How then can provider…

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