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May 15, 2024

Insights, Strategy, and Vision from the CEO Chair

In this episode, we sit down with Shery Roussarie and Kelly Macken-Marble in our first of two episodes. Both have held numerous leadership roles in the practice, vendor, and hospital settings in the Midwest. Most recently, they co-authored the book,…

May 8, 2024

Headlines & Season Update with 2 SHP Guests

Join Aaron and Jason with their usual shenanigans, but this time with 2 guests that also work at SHP – Ami and Julia. We take a break to talk about the recent FTC rulings regarding non-compete agreements and how they…

April 17, 2024

Headlines & Season 4 Podcast Update with Aaron & Jason

We take a quick break after our first two episodes this season to do a recap of the interviews thus far, Aaron and Jason present the news segment where we discuss recent headlines, and then an update on interviews coming…

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