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“Physician Day” at the capitol – January 27th

Contact your legislators!  It makes a difference when you contact your Representatives and Senators early in the session.  Discuss the issues that are important to your practice, your patients, and your community.  The 40-day legislative session marks the second session of the two-year legislative cycle.  We anticipate action on the following issues during the session:
Practice Issues
Insurance Reform – Consumer & Provider Protection Act – SB 158
Monitoring CON Issues
Monitoring Tort Reform
Prescription Monitoring Program  
Scope of Practice Expansions & Licensure
·         Nurses Continuing Education legislation
·         Chiropractors
Join the annual “Physician Day” at the state capitol on Wednesday, January 27th.  Physicians from across the state meet at the capitol to talk with legislators and participate in a legislative luncheon. Please see attached invitation for more information. You may register by  RSVP to Liz Bullock at ebullock@mag.org or call 678.303.9271.  To register online, go http://www.mag.org/news/events/physicians-day.
Be the “Doctor of the Day” The Medical Association of Georgia sponsors the “Medical Aid Station” in the Capitol with a staff nurse and volunteer physician. A physician is needed to serve as the Doctor of the Day each day the legislature is in session.  Physicians are introduced by their legislators in both the Senate and House Chambers. Take this opportunity to demonstrate that the House of Medicine is strong in Georgia and is willing to assist in the legislative process. Please RSVP to Liz Bullock at ebullock@mag.org or call 678.303.9271.
A Typical Day at the Capitol

  • You should arrive at the Capitol no later than 9:00 a.m.  Plan to be at the Capitol from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., even though you typically finish earlier. The legislature is expected to be is session Tuesday through Thursday from January to early March.
  • You are strongly encouraged to bring your “black bag” and a prescription pad.
Watch the General Assembly LIVE! Each day that the General Assembly is in session, you can watch the proceedings live via the Internet at: http://www.legis.state.ga.us/. Click the Live Broadcast option. You can also watch the Prime Time Lawmakers daily broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting each evening the General Assembly is in session. 
If you have personal relationships with any state elected officials, please help us by making us aware of these crucial relationships.
For more Information – Call the SHP Governmental Affairs Team
                                        Travis Lindley 770-435-5586 or Lasa Joiner at 404-299-7700