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Insights, Strategy, and Vision from the CEO Chair
May 15, 2024

In this episode, we sit down with Shery Roussarie and Kelly Macken-Marble in our first of two episodes. Both have held numerous leadership roles in the practice, vendor, and hospital settings in the Midwest. Most recently, they co-authored the book, Two Rivers – The Power of Collaboration and Other Leadership Lessons, in 2023 on their leadership journey within our industry. We discuss the challenges of remaining independent physician practices, collaboration challenges, and other helpful insights from the fantastic leaders.

Legislative Insight From US Congressman Earl “Buddy” Carter of Georgia
April 3, 2024

Another great episode with a someone that brings a very unique perspective, US Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s first district. Rep. Carter has worn many hats from Pharmacist to business owner, mayor of a suburban town, and for the last 12 years, as the US Representative from Georgia’s largest district. What is such a perspective from someone outside our industry and the work he sees is necessary to improve healthcare in such a thriving suburban town that currently cannot meet the needs of its residents. A great conversation with US Congressman Buddy Carter.

Mastering Private Practice in a Post-Pandemic World
November 16, 2023

A reminder to join Aaron and Jason for part 2 of their interview with Craig Kilgore. They’ll continue their discussion around the challenges remaining an independent private practice from the specialist point of view.

Among the challenges being staff retention, growth strategies, and advice for those just joining the stressful profession. Great insight you won’t want to miss from an experienced and successful CEO.

Diabetes Management | Dean Rottinghaus
March 1, 2023

During this episode, we interview Dr. Dean Rottinghaus, who has successfully launched and managed a hospital-based Diabetes Management Clinic for Jenkins County Medical Center in Millen, GA.

Dean has taken his previous 30 years of healthcare experience and desire for effective treatment options for those with chronic conditions and found a cost-effective way to help those in need of Diabetes management. He provides condition background, statistics, and treatment options we can all adhere to.

Wound & Ostomy Care Gaps | With Joe Ebberwein
November 9, 2022

In this episode, Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins provide a quick overview of the PFS Final Rule that released at the end of October.

Then Jason talks with Joe Ebberwein. Joe is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Corstrata, a technology-enabled care management solution focused on improving outcomes for wound and ostomy patients. We gain data-oriented insight into this often-neglected area of care and how Corstrata is working on solving this care gap; then, they discuss how virtual care and telehealth are viable solutions for any provider to utilize.

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