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Revisit: Wound and Ostomy Care Gap
September 27, 2023

In this episode, Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins provide a quick overview of the PFS Final Rule that released at the end of October.

Then Jason talks with Joe Ebberwein. Joe is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Corstrata, a technology-enabled care management solution focused on improving outcomes for wound and ostomy patients. We gain data-oriented insight into this often-neglected area of care and how Corstrata is working on solving this care gap; then, they discuss how virtual care and telehealth are viable solutions for any provider to utilize.

Revisit: Coding Changes for 2023
September 20, 2023

On today’s episode, Jason shares an article about how Mark Cuban is expanding his low-cost pharmacy project. And Aron shares about how charging for digital messages may be on shaky ground.

Jason sits down with our guest Steve Adams. A Certified Professional Coder Instructor with InGauge Healthcare Solutions with more than 20 years-experience with training others how to code in all arenas of care. Steve dissects the coding changes for 2023 in the Final Rule, including E&M, new G-codes, and screening reimbursements.

The Triple Aim Meets the…Breakdancing First Base Coach
May 24, 2023

This Wednesday, Episode 3: “The Triple Aim Meets the…Breakdancing First Base Coach”

In the 3rd part of a 4 episode series, Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins peel back the magic a little bit more behind the Fans First culture of The Savannah Bananas and pick up where they left off with our culture comparisons.

This week, they look more into the experience once you’ve entered the gates for the game and discuss how the team members serve as the charge behind the energy in the stadium. They then compare that to a lack of staff engagement in a practice setting that sets a tone for the overall patient experience during that first call to schedule their appointment.

Listen in as they compare these interactions and value adds that highlight the differences in culture and opportunities in creating fans of the provider setting.

What If Health Care Went BANANAS? (as in The Savannah Bananas)
May 10, 2023

Most in our industry have heard of, or read the book, “What if Disney ran your hospital?”

In this episode, our host Jason Crosby starts a series in the same light as the well followed book, but in comparison to a nation-wide phenom, The Savannah Bananas.

Yep, the baseball team from South Georgia that has figured out how to sustain what they call “Fans First”.

Join Jason as he kicks off the series, “What if your healthcare provider went bananas?” as he highlights how the baseball team captures your attention and how a physician practice may learn something.

What If Your Healthcare Provider Went Bananas – With Patient Engagement?
May 17, 2023

In this episode, Jason and Aaron follow up last week with part 2 of our series, “What if your healthcare provider went Bananas?”  We’ll talk about patient and fan engagement and how the fan experience can translate to our industry. And the correlation to the good old Triple Aim we are all familiar with. So, let’s look into how patient and staff engagement may benefit from this Fans First mentality. Get your banana suit, or tux ready, and let’s go Bananas….

The Future of Healthcare is AI and the Future is Here
April 5, 2023

Aaron Higgins and Jason Crosby talk all about AI and how it is already starting to impact healthcare. We start to explore the AI-health revolution and how it’s already shaping the industry.

From smarter hospitals to better patient outcomes, the possibilities are endless. And we’ve got news articles stacked higher than a tower of circuit boards, all highlighting how companies are planning to implement AI to help make hospitals smarter, safer, and better for staff.

Proposed Changes to Prior Authorizations, Best Buy’s Expansion of At-Home Healthcare Service and Medical Debt
March 22, 2023

In today’s episode, Jason and Aaron dive deep into some of the most pressing and timely healthcare news headlines. Our discussion includes proposed changes to prior authorizations, which have the potential to save billions in employee costs, and Best Buy’s expansion of its at-home healthcare service by partnering with healthcare systems. Additionally, we explore the pediatric mental health crisis, a growing problem that requires urgent attention, and the fact that medical debt is predominantly owed to hospitals.

Provider Enrollment Updates for 2023 | Raquel Grizzard
March 3, 2023

With the recent CMS updates about provider enrollment, we felt that we needed to bring you some timely information about these changes. We sat down with Raquel Grizzard SHP’s Provider Enrollment expert. She has been working in Provider Enrollment since 2014 and has seen her fair share of changes, but none as dramatic as this all at once.

We discuss DMEPOS, CHOW Filing, changes to the 8550, the new specialists that have been added, and more. Join Raquel Grizzard as she shares her insight and tricks of the trade for all things Provider Enrollment.

Dropping Medical Debt, FTC Investigations, Mark Cuban’s Drug Co, & ChatGPT in Healthcare
February 22, 2023

In today’s episode, our hosts Jason Crosby & Aaron Higgins go over our new format and then jump into four news headlines with some generally positive news:

There’s been a marked drop in healthcare debt since 2020, Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Pharmacy could save the country billions in medication costs, the FTC may be pumping the brakes a bit on the rapid changes in the retail healthcare race, and finally can AI tools like ChatGPT help overworked clinicians?

Retailers and Other Headlines in the Industry Today
February 16, 2023

In today’s episode Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins look into the future of retailers in the healthcare space. Throughout Season 1, we often discussed how retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, and even Best Buy have waded into the waters of healthcare delivery and they’re promising disruption. In this outsized episode, we really unpack what this means for healthcare in the coming years.

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