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Part 2 With Tom Campanella – CON’s, VBC, Tort Reform, And Non-compete Agreements Just To Name A Few
June 26, 2024

Join Aaron Higgins and Jason Crosby as they talk with Thomas Campanella as they pick up where they left off last week in this 2nd half of their discussion. This episode, they talk about recent CON activity and the impact on provider settings. They also touch on Value Based Care and Non-Compete Agreements and the impact such has, in particular, in the rural setting along with Tort Reform concerns. Yep, consider all the world’s problems solved with these 2 interviews.

Primary Care And Rural Healthcare Challenges
June 19, 2024

Join Aaron Higgins, Mike Scribner, and Jason Crosby as they talk with Thomas Campanella, JD and Healthcare Executive in Residence with Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tom has a vast background and in this 1st of 2 part interview, they talk about the shortages and challenges with primary care in our industry. They also touch on trends and challenges in the rural setting. Both very timely and impactful topics with great insight from Tom.

Legislative Insight From US Congressman Earl “Buddy” Carter of Georgia
April 3, 2024

Another great episode with a someone that brings a very unique perspective, US Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s first district. Rep. Carter has worn many hats from Pharmacist to business owner, mayor of a suburban town, and for the last 12 years, as the US Representative from Georgia’s largest district. What is such a perspective from someone outside our industry and the work he sees is necessary to improve healthcare in such a thriving suburban town that currently cannot meet the needs of its residents. A great conversation with US Congressman Buddy Carter.

Unraveling the Intricacies of Health Insurance: Rising Costs, Mergers and Strategies: Part 2 of 2
December 14, 2023

Get set to untangle the intricacies of health insurance with us and our esteemed guest, Matt Usher. We promise you a guided tour through escalating out-of-pocket maximums, specialty medication costs, and their implications on the affordability of health insurance plans. We shed light on why employers need to consider alternative plans to lessen the financial strain on employees. Moreover, we analyze the latest shifts in the health insurance industry, such as the Humana / Cigna merger, and what they mean for the future of health insurance in businesses.

Brace yourself for an insightful ride into the pulsating world of health insurance, with a special emphasis on the industry’s recent mergers stimulated by the competitive prescription benefit management market. Tune in and increase your knowledge about how the Biden administration might influence these mergers. We also present invaluable advice for both employers and employees on how to evaluate their plans, comprehend the market they’re dealing with, and become smarter health care consumers. Our discussions on the significance of self-funded arrangements and the power of making informed decisions about where to seek care serve as potent strategies to save money for everyone involved in the plan. This episode is a perfect opportunity to arm yourself with the understanding needed to confidently navigate the health insurance market.

Demystifying Insurance Trends in Small Business: Confronting Healthcare Costs: Part 1 of 2
December 12, 2023

Are you ready to unravel the labyrinth of insurance trends in the small business sector? We’ve got you covered! We welcome insurance broker Matt Usher to our show who shares his knowledge on an array of topics. From understanding premium hikes, exploring alternative solutions for businesses against increasing costs, to the innovative designs like HSA plans in the post-COVID era, we leave no stone unturned. And that’s not all; stay on the line to hear more from Matt on HSA out-of-pocket maximums in our upcoming episode.

As we traverse the complex terrains of healthcare costs, we shed light on how insurance companies master the tightrope walk between profitability and providing quality care. We dissect the budding trend of reference-based pricing and how it could metamorphose employers’ health insurance offerings. In a riveting section, we address the steep cost of specialty medications in employer healthcare. From financial assistance programs to international sourcing, we showcase potential solutions to counteract the soaring costs of specialty medications. This exchange is a crucial one, as we delve deep into the current and future scenarios of healthcare costs and insurance. So, lend us your ears for these vital conversations that promise to enlighten and empower.

The Challenges Facing Rural Hospitals and CEOs Today: Part 2
November 2, 2023

Join Mike Scribner and Jason Crosby for Part 2 of our interview with Damien Scott, CEO of Emanuel Medical Center in Swainsboro Georgia. As we wrap our conversation, we continue talking with Damien about how organizational culture has evolved, what he and his team have found most impactful, how staffing challenges in today’s environment impacts their planning, and how payers and their respective plan evolution is embraced strategically.

The Challenges Facing Rural Hospitals and CEOs Today: Part 1
October 31, 2023

In this two-part interview, Jason is joined by SHP Principal Mike Scribner as they interview Damien Scott, CEO of Emanuel Medical Center in Swainsboro Georgia.

They discuss his unique background and how he got into healthcare administration, which includes his experience as a Physical Therapist. This unusual approach to leadership has provided him with some unique insights into healthcare works from the clinical perspective, as well as well as how it should work to best meet the needs of a rural community.

Join us as we talk through quality, the challenges in finding providers, and how the healthcare scene continues to change.

Revisit: Impact of Value Based Care Trends
October 4, 2023

In this episode, Aaron Higgins and Jason Crosby share articles about how our providers and children are burning out, and the new cyber security rules and requirements for healthcare facilities that are being prepared by the Biden administration.

Then, we are joined by Sean Cavanaugh, CCO / CPO Aledade. Previously he served as Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Medicare @ CMS. In this special 2 part series, you’ll hear his viewpoint related to today’s independent primary care physician, the impact of Value Based Care (VBC), and how Aledade supports their practices for success in their ACO.

Revisit: Coding Changes for 2023
September 20, 2023

On today’s episode, Jason shares an article about how Mark Cuban is expanding his low-cost pharmacy project. And Aron shares about how charging for digital messages may be on shaky ground.

Jason sits down with our guest Steve Adams. A Certified Professional Coder Instructor with InGauge Healthcare Solutions with more than 20 years-experience with training others how to code in all arenas of care. Steve dissects the coding changes for 2023 in the Final Rule, including E&M, new G-codes, and screening reimbursements.

Value Based Care, Pricing Transparency, Managed Care Strategies, and Other Trends and Relevant Impact in the Ambulatory Surgery Center Market | With Mike Scribner & John Crew
February 15, 2023

On today’s episode you’ll hear our interview with Mike Scribner and John Crew. We covered a variety of topics, such the No Suprises Act and other regulatory and legislative trends, and the role of Medicare Advantage in Ambulatory Care. We also talked about the impact of traditional Medicare to independent ASC’s and the managed care strategies independent ASC’s can take and utilize in 2023.

Value Based Care Trends, Impact, and Strategies for Providers in the Primary Care Market | With Mike Scribner, John Crew & Kelly Mooney
February 14, 2023

On today’s episode, join us as we dive into the world of Value Based trends in primary care markets with guests Mike Scribner, John Crew, and Kelly Mooney. They share their expertise and discuss how independent PCPs will be impacted by these trends in healthcare. They will highlight both Commercial and Medicare arrangements in the marketplace, how practices are impacted by such, as well as how best to thrive and incorporate into an overall managed care strategy.

Impact of Value Based Care Trends | With Sean Cavanaugh – Part 2
November 2, 2022

In this episode, in the headlines, Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins discuss the growing helium crisis for MRIs and how the pool of volunteer health transportation drivers is shrinking at an alarming rate. Are we heading for a great volunteer resignation?

Then, we continue with part two of the interview that Mike Scribner & John Crew had with Aledade CCO / CPO Sean Cavanaugh. Where they will wrap up their discussion about value-based care: where it is going, how organizations like Aledade can help, and what this ultimately means for patient care.

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