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Retailers Taking A Hit & HHS Takes Aim At Change Healthcare
June 12, 2024

Jason and Aaron talk recent headlines including how the retailers have had a rough last couple of months. They have been all the rage the last few years and a few starting to fall on hard times. The guys talk through a few headlines and stories regarding the about face many have taken so suddenly.

And more impact from the ransomware attacks this year and what the HHS is doing about it. We talk through what Change is now responsible for and how such accountability may play out with future attacks. Join us for this discussion and general updates on our podcast schedule.

Legislative Insight From US Congressman Earl “Buddy” Carter of Georgia
April 3, 2024

Another great episode with a someone that brings a very unique perspective, US Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s first district. Rep. Carter has worn many hats from Pharmacist to business owner, mayor of a suburban town, and for the last 12 years, as the US Representative from Georgia’s largest district. What is such a perspective from someone outside our industry and the work he sees is necessary to improve healthcare in such a thriving suburban town that currently cannot meet the needs of its residents. A great conversation with US Congressman Buddy Carter.

Unwrapping Healthcare Disruption and Christmas Cheer
December 20, 2023

Prepare to voyage Beyond the Stethoscope with us, as we reminisce on season 3’s highlights and look to season 4’s promising future. From inspiring conversations with awe-inspiring guests to heartwarming news stories and thrilling travel plans, our podcast has been a journey worth reliving. Brace yourselves for an exciting ride through the unchartered territories of the future of healthcare, where disruptors are on the rise and AI, virtual care, and M&A activities are all set to change the game.

This episode, we also put a spotlight on Kroger’s successful model of serving healthcare right where the people are.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Christmas, reflect, unwind, and soak in the magic of the season. Remember to stay tuned till the end for a special bonus surprise that we promise, you won’t want to miss!

Navigating Post-COVID Healthcare: Burnout Prevention and Management
October 18, 2023

The post-COVID healthcare landscape is riddled with burnout and heightened tensions. Are you equipped to navigate these challenges? Join us as we converse with Allison Griffin, a healthcare stalwart with over three decades of experience, who shares profound insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance amidst this turmoil. Allison peels back the layers on the long-term impacts of the pandemic on healthcare providers and staff, the dire need for self-care, and the essential role of leadership in burnout prevention.

Gear up to discover pragmatic tools for dealing with workplace stressors in the healthcare sector. We delve into the importance of a robust code of conduct policy and the role of federal laws in safeguarding workers from discrimination and hostility. Allison divulges the intriguing concept of a patient-provider agreement implemented in her practice to manage unruly behaviors. We also take a fascinating look at the American Medical Association’s Organizational Biopsy assessment tool. Listen in today for a comprehensive understanding of managing workplace stress and preventing burnout in the healthcare sector.

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