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Retailers Taking A Hit & HHS Takes Aim At Change Healthcare
June 12, 2024

Jason and Aaron talk recent headlines including how the retailers have had a rough last couple of months. They have been all the rage the last few years and a few starting to fall on hard times. The guys talk through a few headlines and stories regarding the about face many have taken so suddenly.

And more impact from the ransomware attacks this year and what the HHS is doing about it. We talk through what Change is now responsible for and how such accountability may play out with future attacks. Join us for this discussion and general updates on our podcast schedule.

Headlines & Season Update with 2 SHP Guests
May 8, 2024

Join Aaron and Jason with their usual shenanigans, but this time with 2 guests that also work at SHP – Ami and Julia. We take a break to talk about the recent FTC rulings regarding non-compete agreements and how they plan to be more aggressive with the trend of data breaches.

We’ll also highlight our upcoming episodes with former clients from the Indiana market, Shery Roussarie and Kelly Macken-Marble. These two have had an outstanding career with an abundance of leadership experience. We first talk with them about their CEO challenges, what they learned, and their words of wisdom.

The second interview is regarding their book, Two Rivers – The Power of Collaboration and Other Leadership Lessons. During this episode, you will hear from our new Guests to the podcast, Ami and Julia, with their interview of these two wonderful women. Look for those announcements coming soon.

Headlines & Season 4 Podcast Update with Aaron & Jason
April 17, 2024

We take a quick break after our first two episodes this season to do a recap of the interviews thus far, Aaron and Jason present the news segment where we discuss recent headlines, and then an update on interviews coming up. In case you did not listen to the first two episodes, we recap the great information shared by both Congressman Buddy Carter and Mayor Karen Williams.

We also touch on the recent Change ransomware attacks, Best Buy layoffs, and impact both may have on providers. We then highlight the exciting interviews lined up for the remainder of the season. So, join us again for our new episode on Wednesday April 17th.

Legislative Insight From US Congressman Earl “Buddy” Carter of Georgia
April 3, 2024

Another great episode with a someone that brings a very unique perspective, US Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s first district. Rep. Carter has worn many hats from Pharmacist to business owner, mayor of a suburban town, and for the last 12 years, as the US Representative from Georgia’s largest district. What is such a perspective from someone outside our industry and the work he sees is necessary to improve healthcare in such a thriving suburban town that currently cannot meet the needs of its residents. A great conversation with US Congressman Buddy Carter.

Season 4 Trailer for Beyond The Stethoscope
March 12, 2024

Join Aaron and Jason today as they highlight the upcoming season, interviews, schedule, and a very important question between cohosts.

Then, join us the following day on March 13th as an appetizer for Season 4. We start with a replay of our very first episode with Scott Regan, Managing Partner at LeadWorks, LLC, who sat down with us to discuss what the “experience economy” really means for healthcare.

Great insight into how best to interact with your patient for a more engaging, loyal, and profitable experience.

Unwrapping Healthcare Disruption and Christmas Cheer
December 20, 2023

Prepare to voyage Beyond the Stethoscope with us, as we reminisce on season 3’s highlights and look to season 4’s promising future. From inspiring conversations with awe-inspiring guests to heartwarming news stories and thrilling travel plans, our podcast has been a journey worth reliving. Brace yourselves for an exciting ride through the unchartered territories of the future of healthcare, where disruptors are on the rise and AI, virtual care, and M&A activities are all set to change the game.

This episode, we also put a spotlight on Kroger’s successful model of serving healthcare right where the people are.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Christmas, reflect, unwind, and soak in the magic of the season. Remember to stay tuned till the end for a special bonus surprise that we promise, you won’t want to miss!

Reflecting on a Year of Triumphs and Challenges: Gratitude & Anticipations
November 22, 2023

Are you ready to take stock and contemplate gratitude? We’re doing exactly that in the latest episode of Beyond the Stethoscope. Join us, Jason Crosby and Aaron C Higgins, as we muse over the last year – the highs, the lows, the triumphs, and the challenges. We’re sharing our gratitude for our families, the exceptional team at SHP, and you, our dedicated listeners who inspire us to keep going.

As we wind down the year, we’re excited about the enlightening episodes coming your way. We’ll be discussing the QPP Final Rule for 2024 – a topic crucial for those keeping an eye on MIPS. Finally, we’ll conclude the season with a thought-provoking conversation with Matt Usher, SHPs insurance broker. We’ll be addressing the 2024 health plan challenges from the viewpoint of both the employee and employer. This episode will be for everyone who interacts with healthcare. Don’t miss this opportunity for insight and growth on Beyond the Stethoscope. Tune in!

Kicking off Season 3: News Headlines and a Look Ahead
October 11, 2023

Are you ready to embark on a new journey with ‘Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP’? We’re kicking off our third season with a bang! Join us, your hosts Aaron C. Higgins and Jason Crosby, as we celebrate our first podcast anniversary and revel in crossing over 1,000 listens. Looking back, we’ve had a spectrum of engaging interviews and explored a variety of formats, but this season, we have a truly impressive lineup of guests to introduce.

We’re starting this season off with a deep dive into the latest developments in the healthcare industry. We’ll discuss Costco’s unexpected step into healthcare and explore how a Mark Cuban-sponsored study on price transparency reveals some big discrepancies. Then we look into the future…of our podcast! This season, we shift our focus to feature conversations with CEOs of successful, independent practices and hospitals. We can’t wait to introduce you to some of our upcoming guests: Damien Scott, CEO of Emmanuel Medical Center in Georgia, Kelly Mackin-Marble, CEO of Oswala Medical Center in Wisconsin, and some more stellar “in the trenches” guests.

Get ready for a season filled with enlightening discussions and invaluable insights. Let’s go beyond the stethoscope together!

Revisit: Provider Enrollment Updates for 2023
September 13, 2023

With the recent CMS updates about provider enrollment, we felt that we needed to bring you some timely information about these changes. We sat down with Raquel Grizzard SHP’s Provider Enrollment expert. She has been working in Provider Enrollment since 2014 and has seen her fair share of changes, but none as dramatic as this all at once.

We discuss DMEPOS, CHOW Filing, changes to the 8550, the new specialists that have been added, and more. Join Raquel Grizzard as she shares her insight and tricks of the trade for all things Provider Enrollment.

Season 3 Teaser Trailer Launches!
September 6, 2023
Welcome to the Season 3 Teaser Trailer for “Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP”! Hosts Aaron C. Higgins and Jason Crosby give you an exciting glimpse of what’s coming up in the new season. Get ready for engaging discussions, the latest healthcare headlines, insightful interviews, and a touch of healthcare humor.

A brand-new season of “Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP.” Season 3 is on its way October 11, 2203, so stay tuned for more enlightening episodes that empower and educate.

We’re excited to have you onboard for another round of insightful conversations and vital discussions. Stay curious and stay connected with Strategic Healthcare Partners!

What to Expect in Season 3:

  • Discover the success stories of Practice Administrators who have overcome challenges and found innovative solutions.
  • Gain inspiration from Hospital CEOs and CFOs as they share how they’ve turned obstacles into opportunities.
  • Hear firsthand accounts from Physician clients about the transformative impact of SHP’s services on their practices.
  • Explore the world of data-driven healthcare through insights from clients who have utilized SHP analytics.
  • Stay ahead in the healthcare landscape with expert discussions on the latest trends and topics.
  • Stay updated on the 2024 Quality Payment Program changes through our dedicated segment.

“Greatest Hits” Repeats:

Before Season 3 kicks off, enjoy memorable moments from some of our past episodes. Every week in September, before Season 3 starts, relive thought-provoking discussions that made you laugh, ponder, and connect.

Stay Connected with SHP:

  • Explore all podcast episodes, resources, and more on our website
  • Subscribe to “Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP” on your preferred podcast platform.
  • Share the podcast with colleagues, friends, and fellow healthcare enthusiasts to spread knowledge and inspiration.

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