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Legislative Insight From US Congressman Earl “Buddy” Carter of Georgia
April 3, 2024

Another great episode with a someone that brings a very unique perspective, US Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s first district. Rep. Carter has worn many hats from Pharmacist to business owner, mayor of a suburban town, and for the last 12 years, as the US Representative from Georgia’s largest district. What is such a perspective from someone outside our industry and the work he sees is necessary to improve healthcare in such a thriving suburban town that currently cannot meet the needs of its residents. A great conversation with US Congressman Buddy Carter.

Impact of Value Based Care Trends | With Sean Cavanaugh – Part 2
November 2, 2022

In this episode, in the headlines, Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins discuss the growing helium crisis for MRIs and how the pool of volunteer health transportation drivers is shrinking at an alarming rate. Are we heading for a great volunteer resignation?

Then, we continue with part two of the interview that Mike Scribner & John Crew had with Aledade CCO / CPO Sean Cavanaugh. Where they will wrap up their discussion about value-based care: where it is going, how organizations like Aledade can help, and what this ultimately means for patient care.

Impact of Value Based Care Trends | With Sean Cavanaugh – Part 1
October 26, 2022

In this episode, Aaron Higgins and Jason Crosby share articles about how our providers and children are burning out, and the new cyber security rules and requirements for healthcare facilities that are being prepared by the Biden administration.

Then, we are joined by Sean Cavanaugh, CCO / CPO Aledade. Previously he served as Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Medicare @ CMS. In this special 2 part series, you’ll hear his viewpoint related to today’s independent primary care physician, the impact of Value Based Care (VBC), and how Aledade supports their practices for success in their ACO.

The Experience Economy | With Scott Regan – Part 2
October 19, 2022

In this episode, Aaron Higgins & Jason Crosby discuss how major retailers are entering into the healthcare space and are likely going to shake things up and they talk about how popular telemedicine has become and how most states are scaling it back.

Then Jason & Mike Scribner finish the 2-part interview with our guest, LeadWorks LLC CEO & founder, Scott Regan. Scott talks to us about the experience economy and how healthcare is not immune from its effects.

Learn more about LeadWorks on their website
Scott Regan can be found on LinkedIn

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